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I would highly recommended ani2pix. They are truly devoted to satisfy the client, even when the client changes their mind,or unable to explain the desired results. My experience has been near perfect! Lily

Rogree INC

Extrememly knowledgeable, detail oriented, made sure that every detail was discussed and agreed upon. ani2pix went above and beyond my expectations and is now on our list of preffered service providers.


It is not often you come across a provider who is so competent. The team were entirely professional with excellent communication through...


Great work!

Jay Harley

ani2pix represents the best of animation service providers! I will certainly contact them again for future animation projects. ...


good work, regarding our website redesign , they have done good work

have outsourced before and usually found the language a problem. I soeak using English idioms but in this case there was no problem. Th...

Lagi Lamrymis

very good presentation

Sumit CII Kolkata

great Job.Good amount of time frame and technical knowledge

Neel Chakroborty freelance enterprise


Game Design and Development

As one of the nationís top game design & development schools, we offer specialized game design & development career training unlike any other art school. Whatever your passion is, we offer the courses you need and the professional instructors to guide you. Have you always wanted a career in car, toy, modern furniture or product design? Do you want to be trained by a designer who shaped some of todayís hottest products? If so, you belong at Ani2Pix top game design school..
Do you want to learn game development?
Then Ani2Pix is the right place for you. With 7 years experience of teaching game development to young Indians gamers, Ani2Pix provides the right knowledge and platform for those who aspiring to make career in video game development.
Ani2Pix is the only institute in India who's faculties has more than 10 years of video game programming experience. The strength of an institute lies in the expertise of the faculties
Its been a tremendous experience for Ani2Pix of creating talented pool of game developers for the Indian gaming industry .
Game Design Career Oppurtunities
Manual Design
Introduction to game art
Character Design
Cry Engine
Transformation -Lighting Pipeline
Single and MultiTexture Effects
Unity Engine Training
Camera Management Systems
Texturing and the Texture Blending
Online Game Design
Surface Caster Light Sources
Environment Design
Game Engine
game design
game design
Mobile game designer
modeling artist
iPad game Programmer
story board artist
iPhone Game Developer
game designer
lead designer
android game artist
Game DevelopmentCareer Oppurtunities
Introduction to Game Programming
Framework Programming
Object-Oriented Programming
Game Dynamics
2D Interactive Prototyping
C++ Programming for Game
LUA Script
Open GL Programming
Graphics Programming
Graphical User Interface Development
3D Mathematics
Game Computing
Initializing Direct3D
Vertex and Index Buffers
Single and MultiTexture Effects
  • Camera Management Systems
    Compressed Textures
    Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
    Game Physics
    Alpha Blending
    Detailed of the Blinn - Phong
    illumination model
    Geometry Tessellation
    Texture Coordinate Generation
    Image Filtering and Sampling
    Texture Consolidation
    Efficient Line of Sight Testing
    The Radiosity Method-World Space Filtering
    Barycentric Coordinates
    Game Project Development
    Game Engine Fundamentals
    Physics – Engines
    Game Engine Design
    Special Effects Programming
    Extensible Game Engine Architecture
    Multiplayer Systems
    Game Engine Programming
    AI for Game Developers
    Game Testing Rules
    Game Engine
  • game design
    game design
    virtual environments
    training simulators
    electronic art
    computer game developer
    mobile game designer
    PC game developer
    online game developer
    mobile game programmer


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