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I would highly recommended virtualinfocom. They are truly devoted to satisfy the client, even when the client changes their mind,or unable to explain the desired results. My experience has been near perfect! Lily

Rogree INC

Extrememly knowledgeable, detail oriented, made sure that every detail was discussed and agreed upon. virtualinfocom went above and beyond my expectations and is now on our list of preffered service providers.



It is not often you come across a provider who is so competent. The team were entirely professional with excellent communication throug...


Great work!

Jay Harley

virtualinfocom represents the best of animation service providers! I will certainly contact them again for future animation projects. ...


good work, regarding our website redesign , they have done good work

have outsourced before and usually found the language a problem. I soeak using English idioms but in this case there was no problem. Th...

Lagi Lamrymis

very good presentation

Sumit CII Kolkata


great Job.Good amount of time frame and technical knowledge

Neel Chakroborty freelance enterprise


Character Designer

Character designing is a very detailed and delicate process which deals with a lot of skilled workmanship. The scope of character design is enormous in the industry as there is a mighty dearth in the industry for good character designers who can do so for not only the cartoon industry as a cartoonist but also in the gaming, comic, movies, advertisement marketing and so on.

Video Game Design School - Design, Create, Play
Your talent is your imagination, and it shows in your art. Your life is not a fantasy, yet fantasy is your life. You have a burning passion for games, for the action and interaction, for the incredible characters and amazing worlds. Somehow you feel you belong.

At the heart of the entertainment revolution is the game industry and a career as a game artist is your destiny. Games allow you to join complex fantasy worlds, tryout new identities, live out heroic stories, and test your abilities. You can even challenge or join forces with players on the other side of the world - and game artists and animators exist at the centre of the action.

Game Design Programs - Pursue your Passion
On the first level (because we are, after all, speaking with gamers) the game design programs will cover all the bases including computer graphics training, classical 2D animation, 3D animation, traditional art design and layout, modeling, texturing, lighting, character design, life drawing, storyboarding, game design training, and level editing tools.
In level two, at this video game design school, you will then branch out to apply your training to the creation of a game ‘proof-of concept or demo project developed in a collaborative team environment.
You will prepare for entry into the workforce in level three by completing your graduation and professional portfolio and demo reel. Along the way stop and pick up special weapons and tools in the form of fellow Centre students, industry contacts, added skills, experience and new technologies. Use these to expand your network and continue to advanced levels.
Now, put down the game controller and create the kind of game you'd want to play!

At Video Game Design School we develop the complete person, not just the artist so you will explore real-world projects, time management, achieving milestones, and working to deadlines. These skills combined with the highly specialized technical and artistic training you will receive at the Centre's game animation programs will allow you to complete a professional portfolio and demo reel targeting your goals in the video game industry.
The 3D Game Animation program will expand and develop your artistic sensibilities, grounding you in the foundation of art and animation skills, introducing you to the game industry and process of game design and development.









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